We have researched into cellular responsiveness caused by physical stimuli for past 20 years.
We are trying to apply the results of our research to cell based therapy biotechnology and we wish we could contribute to establish the new era’s medical treatment,
which might help many people in the world.


Gravity Controller“Gravite®

Product Development of Gravity Control Device “Gravite®

The later of 19 century, developing “clinostat” originated from the research of gravitonic response of plants. This first “clinostat” was a rotating machine to rotate sample using one horizontal rotation axis to the ground (1D-clinostat) to inhibit unidirectional gravitational force loading.

Our Gravity Controller “Gravite®” is one of the 3D-clinostat. Gravite® is a multi-directional gravity device for simulating microgravity. By controlled rotation of two axes, a 3D-clinostat minimizes the cumulative gravity vector at the center of the device and makes 10-3G over time average. Moreover, Gravite® creates not only simulated microgravity environment as well as ISS but also hyper-gravity environment of 2-3G by centrifugal force from one axis rotation.

Gravity controller “Gravite®” could help your research for regenerative medicine, space biology, drug discovery, and so on.

NASA Kennedy Space Center introduced a gravity controller "Gravite®" for simulated microgravity device.

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Division of Bio-Environment Adaptation Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University

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