We have researched into cellular responsiveness caused by physical stimuli for past 20 years.
We are trying to apply the results of our research to cell based therapy biotechnology and we wish we could contribute to establish the new era’s medical treatment,
which might help many people in the world.


Walking Support“RE-Gait®

Development of Walking Support Robot “RE-Gait®

After beginning cell therapy for central nerve system disorders, transplanted cells must work and reconstruct with a remaining neural network.
And to do that, rehabilitation is the most important treatment to accelerate recovery of neural function.
We are developing a normal gait programmed walking support robot with Dr. Yuge, Hiroshima University, and Dr. Tanaka, Waseda University.

Walking support robot “RE-Gait®” support your ankle dorsiflexion to stretch gastrocnemius, which induces reflex muscle contraction of knee and hip joint to step forward with your leg smoothly.

Walking support robot“RE-Gait®” support your ankle plantarflexion and dorsiflexion to remember and get how to normal walking.

When you push off with your toes to start walking, RE-Gait® support your ankle plantarflexion smoothly. ➡ When your heel contacts to the ground, RE-Gait® support your ankle dorsiflexion to prevent stumbling.
<SPEC/size: 300mm(W)×140mm(D)×365mm(H)/material robot: aluminum base alloy etc./weight robot: 1,000, control box: 900g/power: charging type >

重力制御装置 Gravite®

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Origin Inc.

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【Planning & Supervision】
Graduate School of Information,Production and Systems,Production system field,Mechanical system design laboratory,Waseda University
Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences,Division of Bio-Environmental Adaptation Sciences,Hiroshima University

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