Product Development of Gravity Control Device “Gravite®”


The later of 19 century, developing “clinostat” originated from the research of gravitonic response of plants. This first “clinostat” was a rotating machine to rotate sample using one horizontal rotation axis to the ground (1D-clinostat) to inhibit unidirectional gravitational force loading.

Our Gravity Controller “Gravite®” is one of the 3D-clinostat. Gravite® is a multi-directional gravity device for simulating microgravity. By controlled rotation of two axes, a 3D-clinostat minimizes the cumulative gravity vector at the center of the device and makes 10-3G over time average. Moreover, Gravite® creates not only simulated microgravity environment as well as ISS but also hyper-gravity environment of 2-3G by centrifugal force from one axis rotation.

Gravity controller “Gravite®” could help your research for regenerative medicine, space biology, drug discovery, and so on.

NASA Kennedy Space Center introduced a gravity controller “Gravite®” for simulated microgravity device.


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Division of Bio-Environment Adaptation Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University

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