Development of Walking Support Robot

After beginning cell therapy for central nerve system disorders, transplanted cells must work and reconstruct with a remaining neural network.
And to do that, rehabilitation is the most important treatment to accelerate recovery of neural function.
We are developing a normal gait programmed walking support robot with Dr. Yuge, Hiroshima University, and Dr. Tanaka, Waseda University.

Walking support robot “RE-Gait®” support your ankle dorsiflexion to stretch gastrocnemius, which induces reflex muscle contraction of knee and hip joint to step forward with your leg smoothly.

Walking support robot“RE-Gait®” support your ankle plantarflexion and dorsiflexion to remember and get how to normal walking.

When you push off with your toes to start walking, RE-Gait® support your ankle plantarflexion smoothly. ➡ When your heel contacts to the ground, RE-Gait® support your ankle dorsiflexion to prevent stumbling.
<SPEC/size: 300mm(W)×140mm(D)×365mm(H)/material robot: aluminum base alloy etc./weight robot: 1,000, control box: 900g/power: charging type >


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139,Oicho,Toyohashi,Aichi,440-0826 Japan.

Planning & Supervision

Graduate School of Information,Production and Systems,Production system field,Mechanical system design laboratory,Waseda University

Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences,Division of Bio-Environmental Adaptation Sciences,Hiroshima University

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